April Watkins

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  • CrossFit
  • United States
  • CFID
  • Division
    Women (55-59)
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
    132 lb
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I grew up in a large family and we were always very competitive, and also very poor losers😂😂. I participated in high school volleyball and basketball. I started CrossFit in 2012 when my gym owner asked me if I wanted to try this new thing he was starting at the gym called CrossFit. As I was running away on the treadmill I said I didn’t think it was for me. I tried the two free visits and by the end of the second one I was asking how to sign up. Totally hooked ever since! Working out had never been so fun and produced such great results. Crossfit has been one of the best things that has come into my life. It helped me overcome an eating disorder, meet new, like-minded people, and has taken me many places. I have learned a lot about my body and how to keep it active for many years to come.

Year Division Overall Rank (Worldwide) Overall Rank (By Country)
2020 Women (55-59) 10th 6th United States
2019 Women (55-59) 3rd 1st United States
2018 Women (50-54) 30th 24th United States
2017 Women (50-54) 25th 18th United States
2016 Masters Women (50-54) 16th 15th United States
2015 Masters Women (50-54) 27th 20th United States
2014 Masters Women (50-54) 14th --
Year Overall Rank Division
2019 3rd Women (55-59)
2016 18th Masters Women (50-54)
Team Series
Year Overall Rank Team Name Members
2015 530th JACK'd Up Kevin Crew, Carrie Coe, Joey Lochner
2014 21st CrossFit X2 - Central Oregon Masters Carrie Coe, Joey Lochner, Kevin Crew
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 210 lb
    Clean and Jerk 153 lb
    Snatch 112 lb
    Deadlift 285 lb
    Fight Gone Bad 338
    Max Pull-ups 29
  • Fran 4:21
    Grace 2:56
    Helen 10:14
    Filthy 50 24:10
    Sprint 400m --
    Run 5k 25:00