Jason Jacobson

  • CrossFit

I like to wear a gorilla costume and jump out at unsuspecting pedestrians.


Year Overall Rank (Worldwide) Overall Rank (By Region) Overall Rank (By State)
2016 10018th 406th North West 220th Washington
2015 13763rd 563rd North West 290th Washington
2014 6084th 306th North West No results to show yet
2013 12172nd 686th North West No results to show yet
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 345 lb
    Clean and Jerk 255 lb
    Snatch 195 lb
    Deadlift 455 lb
    Fight Gone Bad --
    Max Pull-ups --
  • Fran 3:33
    Grace 2:07
    Helen 8:47
    Filthy 50 --
    Sprint 400m 1:06
    Run 5k 23:04