Queensland, Australian native,Tia-Clair Toomey rocked the CrossFit world after taking second at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games as a rookie—after only two years of CrossFit—and earning the distinction of Rookie of the Year. She proved it was no fluke with another second-place finish in 2016. Though her background is in track and field, she became Australia’s top-ranked female weightlifter in 2016, qualifying for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she snatched 82 kg (180.7 lb.) and clean-and-jerked 107 kg (235.8 lb.) for 14th place in the 58-kg category. Owner of PRVN Fitness (an online programming platform), she is the only CrossFit athlete to have competed in the CrossFit Games and the Olympics in the same year. After competing at the Crossfit Games for 8 years, Tia is the most dominant Crossfit athlete of all time, winning 6x consecutive games titles. Tia also qualified Australia a spot in the 2-man Bobsleigh for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, & won gold in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the 58-kg category in Olympic Weightlifting. Tia also is an affiliate owner in Nashville, TN at PRVN Nashville.


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2024 2610th Women 656th Women North America East 941st Women United States 3rd Women CrossFit PRVN
2023 2831st Women 213th Women Oceania 150th Women Australia 11th Women CrossFit East Nashville
2022 2nd Women 1st Women Oceania 1st Women Australia 1st Women CrossFit East Nashville
2021 1st Women 1st Women Oceania 1st Women Australia 1st Women CrossFit East Nashville
2020 4th Women – – 1st Women Australia – –
2019 6th Women – – 1st Women Australia – –
2018 12th Women 3rd Women Australasia 3rd Women Australia – –
2017 18th Women 2nd Women Australia 2nd Women Australia – –
2016 82nd Women 6th Women Australia – – – –
2015 63rd Women 7th Women Australia – – – –
2014 241st Women 20th Women Australia – – – –
2013 5954th Women 403rd Women Australia – – – –

Individual Quarterfinal

Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region
2024 28th Women 7th Women North America East
2022 1st Women 1st Women Oceania
2021 1st Women 1st Women Oceania

Team Quarterfinal

Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Team Name
2023 1st Team 1st Team North America East CrossFit East Nashville PRVN


Year Division Rank Regional
2018 Women 1st Pacific
2017 Women 2nd Pacific
2016 Women 2nd Pacific
2015 Women 3rd Pacific
2014 Women 18th Australia


Year Division Rank Semifinal
2023 Team 1st North America East Semifinal
2022 Women 1st Torian Pro
2021 Women 1st Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge


Year Division Rank
2023 Team 2nd
2022 Women 1st
2021 Women 1st
2020 Women 1st
2019 Women 1st
2018 Women 1st
2017 Women 1st
2016 Women 2nd
2015 Women 2nd

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat 150 kg
    Chad1000x --
    Clean and Jerk 111 kg
    Deadlift 178 kg
  • Fight Gone Bad --
    Filthy 50 --
    Fran 2:13
    Grace 1:21
  • Helen --
    L1 Benchmark --
    Max Pull-ups 50
    Run 5k --
  • Snatch 87 kg
    Sprint 400m --