I'm Kevin Manuel, a father of 2, a husband and a business owner. I compete because I love the sport and I have a slight competitive streak in me

Year Division Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country
2020 Men 576th -- 10th New Zealand
2019 Men 555th -- 12th New Zealand
2018 Men 27300th 1660th Australasia 263rd New Zealand
2017 Men 438th 40th Australia 6th New Zealand
2016 Individual Men 302nd 20th 5th New Zealand
2015 Individual Men 232nd 26th 4th New Zealand
2014 Individual Men 275th 29th --
2013 Individual Men 225th 14th --
2011 Men 514th 24th Australia --
Year Division Rank Regional
2016 Individual Men 7th Pacific Regional
2015 Individual Men 4th Pacific Regional
2014 Individual Men 5th Australia
2013 Individual Men 5th Australia
Year Division Rank
2015 Individual Men 17th
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 205 kg
    Clean and Jerk 160 kg
    Snatch 130 kg
    Deadlift 240 kg
    Fight Gone Bad 412
    Max Pull-ups 55
  • Fran 2:16
    Grace 1:46
    Helen --
    Filthy 50 --
    Sprint 400m --
    Run 5k --
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