I have been a Crossfit athlete since 2015. I am an Autobody technician. Over the years I’ve had multiple traumatic sports related injuries from downhill mountain biking and football. Professional and caring coaching in CrossFit has tremendously helped me live a better life. In 2022 I had double total knee replacements. What a journey to come back from. My new knees feel still feel better every day and I’ve surpassed my prior strength because of the surgery. Mobility is still improving daily.


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2024 3542nd Men (55-59) 941st Men (55-59) North America West 2077th Men (55-59) United States 2nd Men (55-59) BackCountry CrossFit
2023 127465th Men 5461st Men (50-54) 23747th Men North America West 1410th Men (50-54) North America West 48150th Men United States 2975th Men (50-54) United States 27th Men BackCountry CrossFit 3rd Men (50-54) BackCountry CrossFit
2022 102909th Men 3567th Men (50-54) 46805th Men North America 2239th Men (50-54) North America 40917th Men United States 2025th Men (50-54) United States 19th Men BackCountry CrossFit 3rd Men (50-54) BackCountry CrossFit
2021 90368th Men 3562nd Men (50-54) 47977th Men North America 2513th Men (50-54) North America 42206th Men United States 2298th Men (50-54) United States 18th Men BackCountry CrossFit 2nd Men (50-54) BackCountry CrossFit
2020 82604th Men 2447th Men (50-54) – – 35834th Men United States 1584th Men (50-54) United States – –
2019 107170th Men 2308th Men (50-54) – – 49271st Men United States 1548th Men (50-54) United States – –
2018 165242nd Men 10107th Men (45-49) 6814th Men South West 526th Men (45-49) South West 84291st Men United States 6492nd Men (45-49) United States – –
2017 163590th Men 9538th Men (45-49) 7040th Men South West 517th Men (45-49) South West 87153rd Men United States 6402nd Men (45-49) United States – –

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat 295 lb
    Chad1000x 96:17
    Clean and Jerk 185 lb
    Deadlift 315 lb
  • Fight Gone Bad --
    Filthy 50 --
    Fran 8:20
    Grace 4:29
  • Helen 12:44
    L1 Benchmark --
    Max Pull-ups 3
    Run 5k --
  • Snatch 95 lb
    Sprint 400m --