My name is Rowena Coronado. I am completely scared to compete but I know it will be fun and a good challenge to motivate myself to be better than yesterday.


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2024 135493rd Women 11846th Women (45-49) 27084th Women North America West 2839th Women (45-49) North America West 55217th Women United States 5855th Women (45-49) United States 4th Women CrossFit Wylie 2nd Women (45-49) CrossFit Wylie
2023 124124th Women 10078th Women (45-49) 26002nd Women North America West 2483rd Women (45-49) North America West 53515th Women United States 5166th Women (45-49) United States 8th Women CrossFit Wylie 2nd Women (45-49) CrossFit Wylie
2022 115194th Women 15181st Women (40-44) 60393rd Women North America 8963rd Women (40-44) North America 53099th Women United States 7938th Women (40-44) United States 3rd Women CrossFit Wylie 1st Women (40-44) CrossFit Wylie
2017 146832nd Women 25889th Women (35-39) 11271st Women South Central 2120th Women (35-39) South Central 89930th Women United States 16701st Women (35-39) United States – –

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat --
    Chad1000x --
    Clean and Jerk --
    Deadlift --
  • Fight Gone Bad --
    Filthy 50 --
    Fran --
    Grace --
  • Helen --
    L1 Benchmark --
    Max Pull-ups --
    Run 5k --
  • Snatch --
    Sprint 400m --