July 4, 2012
A Well-Oiled Machine: SPC CrossFit
By Jessica Sieff

"We work. We help each other with our movements to try to be as efficient as we can."

SPC CrossFit plowed its way through the Central East Regional, setting one world record after another to dominate the competition. At the close of the weekend they sat comfortably in first place, 22 points ahead of second place finishers CrossFit Maximus. 

Companions, capacity, consistency
The team is utilizing elements of camaraderie, skill and work capacity as they gear up for the Games. "We've just been doing the same thing," team member Brett Sepi says about training, which includes varied skill work like swimming and double-unders.
Team member Sam Heydlauff adds: “Strength especially. The weights are getting heavier.”
The eight-member team tries to work out together every day. An example of teamwork and discipline, SPC CrossFit holds a team workout each week and they incorporate interval and endurance training individually. "Whether it be running, rowing, swimming or double-unders," Sepi says. "We all workout six days a week and usually all rest on the same day."
They could talk strength and training all day, but ask the team to define itself and the answer is a little trickier. It's like asking a family to explain what makes them a family. Some bonds are rooted too deep to really recollect how they got started. "Honestly, we're all close friends,” Sepi explains. “We met through CrossFit and now we train together. Some of us work together and we all hang out together. We would do anything for each other.” 
SPC trains in their home gym, which they have dubbed “The Barn.”
"We represent virtuosity by making everything we do up to standards," Sepi says. "We no-rep ourselves if we do not complete full range of motion in a workout. We will also count and no-rep each other in workouts."
Mixing business with pleasure
Concentration and diligence are also part the team's creed, but it still remains easy to see that each member of SPC CrossFit is having fun when it comes time to workout. 
"We work. We help each other with our movements to try and be as efficient as we can,” Sepi says. “Also, we try not to get caught up in the other regions and teams. We control our own outcome.”
The team is also building on the characteristics of adaptability – an aspect that may come in handy when facing off against the best teams from all over the world. The team trains in different environments and tries not to pair up the same exercises in a workout too often.
SPC's impressive performance at the Central East Regional included four first-place finishes and two second place finishes.
  • Event 1: First place 
  • Event 2: First place  
  • Event 3: Second place 
  • Event 4: First place 
  • Event 5: First place 
  • Event 6: Second place
A major highlight of the team’s weekend was Julianne Broadbent’s amazing performance on the Snatch Ladder. She put the 165-pound bar overhead and gave the 170-pound bar a hell of a fight before walking off the floor. 
If the team seemed like a well-oiled machine, it’s because they are. In fact, going into the Open, SPC's powerhouse team was already formed. "Before the Open, all of us knew, no matter what, we were all going in team," Sepi says.
That would be a change of pace for Heydlauff who competed last year as an individual. "It's definitely more fun," she says. "When I was an individual, I just looked at the teams and I was so jealous. I don't like being lonely out there. We all get along. We're all friends. We mesh well together. It's been great."
The team's support of each other is rivaled only by the support of The Barn. SPC is focusing on the job ahead with the podium in mind. 
"We're pretty much all well-rounded," Sepi says. "We can handle pretty much everything. We're confident. We think we can get on the podium. We're going to go and take care of business. Our community is great. The great support of our gym just keeps getting better and better. I love it."