March 25, 2013
Week Three In Review: Europe
By Maria Turner

What better way to measure and observe your progress than by repeating an Open Workout one year later? Workout 13.3 gave athletes the chance to do just that.

One of the most important tenets of CrossFit is that it is an evidence-based fitness that is measurable, observable and repeatable. What better way to measure and observe your progress than by repeating an Open Workout one year later?

Workout 13.3 gave athletes the opportunity to do just that. It was a repeat of 12.4 – an AMRAP of 150 wall balls, followed by 90 double-unders and 30 muscle-ups – and almost all of the top athletes saw their scores drastically improve from last year. Some even increasing by more than 40 reps.

With Open Workout 13.3 done and in the books, the European CrossFit community has been left wondering: Does Samantha Briggs have what it takes to bring home a first place finish at Regionals? Will anyone be able to take down the Nordic teams? Who is Stefanos Ioannidis? And, most importantly, after 150 wall balls and 90 double-unders, how many days does it take to be able to walk normally again?
A relatively unknown athlete, Stefanos Ioannidis, topped the 13.3 Leaderboard with 301 reps. CrossFitting for less than a year, the Greek athlete from CrossFit Thess Niki, placed 268th in 13.2 and 96th in 13.1. This first-place finish has moved his overall standing to 79th. Ioannidis is one of two athletes in the top five who could not compare this year’s score with 12.4.
The other athlete was Mikko Salo, who did not participate in last year’s Open due to a knee injury. However, being new to this workout didn’t seem to affect Salo, as he took yet another second-place finish with 297 reps.
At third and fourth place, respectively were CrossFit Nordic’s Numi Katrinarson and Hungarian competitor Lacee Kovacs, who have both been steadily making their way up the Leaderboard. Matteo Santaniello of CrossFit Lugo rounded out the top five with a score of 288, a massive increase from the 243 reps he completed in 12.4.
With his consistently strong performances over the past three weeks, Salo is well established in first place on the overall Leaderboard, with the second place male, Lukas Högberg, 20 points behind him.
Philip Bengtsson of CrossFit Malmö is currently in third place with 29 points and Kovacs and Jonas Müller hold joint fourth place with 38 points. The winner of last year’s Regionals, Frederik Aegidius, is in sixth place with 43 points.
Samantha Briggs took another first-place finish in 13.3. She submitted an impressive score of 323 early in the week that looked as if it couldn’t be beaten. And it wasn’t. However, following from the controversy of last week with two American athletes being disqualified from the competition due to failure to meet movement standards in their workouts, many of the top performers, including Briggs, have had their scores called into question by the CrossFit community.
An incredible athlete in her strength, skill, attitude and character, Briggs posted a video of herself taking on 13.3 for a second time, leaving no question that her reps were to the standard, her score was legitimate and prompting one YouTube commentator to ask, “Are you sure she wasn’t sent here to kill John Connor?”
Thuridur Erla Helgadottir of CrossFit Sport and Nicola Simpson of CrossFit Leeds both completed 262 reps; however, with a tiebreak time of 7:17, eight seconds faster than Simpson, it was Helgadottir who took second place, giving Simpson a third-place finish.
Martina Barbaro of CrossFit Officine, who is proving to be one of the most consistent athletes of this Open, completed 261 reps, putting her in fourth place. Caroline Fryklund of CrossFit Kalmar, who added three reps to her 12.4 score, took fifth place.
On the overall Leaderboard for the women, Briggs remains in first place with four points and, despite not finishing in the top five for the past two workouts, Annie Thorisdottir is holding on to second place, 10 points behind Briggs.
Barbaro is in third place, just one point behind Thorisdottir, and Helgadottir is currently in fourth place. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir, who finished in 10th place in 13.3, has beaten out fellow CrossFit Stodin athlete, Hjördis Óskarsdóttir, to fifth place on the overall Leaderboard with 24 points.
In 13.3, CrossFit Reykjavik moved back into first place with 1,567 reps – an average score of more than 260 reps for each of their athletes. Led by top scorers Numi Katrinarson and Ellinor Rehnström, Team CrossFit Nordic took third place with 1562 reps.
Despite the unwavering dominance of the Nordic teams, a few teams from the United Kingdom moved up the Leaderboard in 13.3. Manchester’s CrossFit Black Five, Briggs’ affiliate came second for 13.3 and has moved up from 43rd place to 18th with 1,565 reps. CrossFit Leeds, CrossFit Clitheroe and CrossFit Bath took ninth, 10th and 11th place, respectively.
In the ever-competitive Masters Men 40-44 Division, the only athlete from the Europe Region to place in the worldwide top 10 after 13.3, was Erwin van Beek of CrossFit 020. van Beek took fourth place with 265 reps, putting him in 15th place overall. Evert Viglundsson of CrossFit Reykjavik took 48th place in 13.3 and 13th place overall. Anne Waage, a very strong competitor in the Masters Women 40-44 category, finished in 48th in 13.3 and 17th on the overall Leaderboard. 
The 45-49 Division saw Maurizio Maddaloni of CrossFit Lugo just barely beat CrossFit Ansbach’s Rob Powell to a 12th place finish on the worldwide Leaderboard after 13.3. Both athletes completed 256 reps, but Maddaloni’s tiebreak time was 8:21, whilst Powell finished his double unders in 8:23, putting him in 13th place. Maddaloni is currently in 22nd place overall and Powell is in 29th.
The top Europe finisher for 13.3 for the Women’s 45-49 Division was Fanney Kristjansdottir of CrossFit Reykjavik. She grabbed on to 71st place with 240 reps. Maria Blumenthal of CrossFit Mallow also completed 240 reps, but her tiebreak time of 8:56 put her five places behind Kristjansdottir in 76th. Blumenthal is in 31st place on the overall Leaderboard, making her the top athlete from the Europe Region.
In 56th place, Michel Vanmeerbeek of CrossFit Power Factory remains the top athlete from the Europe Region on the overall Leaderboard in the Men’s 50-54 Division and, in 153rd place, Sharron Lowe of CrossFit 3D is the top European athlete in the Women’s 50-54 category. Vanmeerbeek completed 210 reps in 13.3, adding one more rep to his score from last year, whilst Lowe completed 192 reps, an outstanding increase of 28 reps.
CrossFit Sport’s Hilmar Hardarson matched his 12.4 score of 240 and is the top of the Europe Leaderobard placing 12th in the group. CrossFit Officine’s Peter de Sury completed 246 reps. This performance gave him a sixth-place finish for 13.3 and has put him in 26th place on the overall Leaderboard.
Anita Eskelinen of CrossFit Lappeenranta also put in a very strong performance in 13.3. She completed 240 reps which, combined with her top-10 finishes in 13.1 and 13.2 has put her in seventh place on the overall Leaderboard.
In the 60+ Division, the top male athlete from Europe was Bert Wijker of CrossFit AKA. With a score of 212 reps, Wijker took 17th place in the workout and is currently in 61st place overall. CrossFit Culemborg’s Maria Berendsen completed 120 reps in 13.3. She is currently in 80th place on the 60+ Women’s worldwide Leaderboard and the top European athlete in the category.