February 22, 2012
Tops All The Way: Jeremy Meredith
By Bree Donaldson

No rookie to competition, Jeremy Meredith, veteran CrossFit Games competitor, is looking to place, “tops all the way” through the 2012 CrossFit Games season. Meredith has come close with a silver finish last year in the 2011 Canada West Regional, which earned him a berth to the 2011 CrossFit Games where he took 45th.

"I am looking to redeem myself at the Games." 


“This year I am looking to redeem myself at the Games. I wasn’t too pleased with my performance last year,” Meredith says. “Last year there were a couple things that kind of kicked me in the ass. Rope climbing, handstand walking, things that are more about skill, practice and work towards perfecting.”

Meredith says he swore after the Games last year that he would not repeat that performance. “I decided that I just have to do those things more often so I won’t be bad at them, and they won’t bite me in the ass.”

Meredith, 25, found two coaches to help him along the road. The first is for weightlifting and the second for conditioning. Guy Greavette and Cam Birtwell are now getting Meredith in better shape as he enters the 2012 season. He’s now following a new workout structure -- two days of strength conditioning, two met-con days, and one day dedicated to endurance. The last, and most important piece to put in place for Meredith, was nutrition. He found nutritionist, Mike Kesthely at Dynamic Nutrition. “Since I started working with Mike, I saw night and day improvement,” says Meredith. “I just do whatever he tells me and it is working.”

At 210 pounds, Meredith is setting new PRs often. He has PR'd both his back squat (500 pounds) and his deadlift (485 pounds). 

This owner and coach of CrossFit Vernon has not only PR'd in his CrossFit workouts, but took 3rd place in the BC Senior Weightlifting Championships this fall under the guidance of Greavette.  He also marked a banner year of 50 percent growth in membership at his box, with numbers increasing everyday. “This has for sure been my busiest year. Our on ramp program has never seen numbers like this,” Meredith claims.

To top off a remarkable year, Meredith has every intention of winning the 2012 Canada West Regional and bringing a gold trophy back to his box. "I am mentally and physically ready," Meredith says.