Team Quarterfinal — Day 1 Highlights

April 6, 2022

Grace Dawson Beatty and Chad Schroeder

The top 25 percent of teams from each continent are competing in the Quarterfinal this weekend. Here are notable highlights of Day 1.

The 2022 Team Quarterfinal kicked off on Thursday, April 7. Over the course of three days, eligible teams will complete five workouts across three 24-hour score submission windows.

Teams will advance based on their placement on the leaderboard by continent, receiving invitations to the CrossFit Games Semifinals, the penultimate stage in the CrossFit Games season (see section 4.05 of the Rulebook for additional details). The leaderboard will be updated throughout the weekend to show how team's stack up overall and by continent.  

For an in-depth analysis of the competition, tune in to the CrossFit Games Podcast, where host Chase Ingraham and four-time Games athlete Adrian Conway recap Day 1. The pair also connect with Rich Froning, discussing his career over the last decade and first thoughts on the Team Quarterfinal workouts so far.   

Additional highlights on the competition can be found here and on the CrossFit Games Instagram all weekend long. 

Here are notable highlights and results from Day 1. 

Note: All scores are unofficial and may change as videos are reviewed. 

Overall Worldwide Leaders After Day 1

1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

2. CrossFit Invictus

3. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue

CrossFit Mayhem has come out strong yet again, with all three of the affiliate's teams placing in the top 20, two of which are in the top 5: Mayhem Freedom in 1st and Mayhem Independence in 4th.  Mayhem Independence is showing it is more than ready to play after taking a year off.  

Games veteran team CrossFit Invictus is currently sitting in 2nd, looking for a ticket to its 13th consecutive Games. 2021 silver medalist CrossFit Oslo with its Navy Blue team had a perfect score on the continental leaderboard, which jumped the team to 3rd place worldwide.

Leaders by Continent


1. CrossFit Commit Okavango

  • Workout 1 - 11:23
  • Workout 2 -  13:26

2. CrossFit Tijger Valley Unit 

  • Workout 1 -  12:41
  • Workout 2 -  13:49

3. BST CrossFit

  • Workout 1 - 13:28
  • Workout 2 - 13:58


1. CrossFit YAS Black 

  • Workout 1 - 10:51
  • Workout 2 - 13:02

2. KT CrossFit Kolesnikov Team

  • Workout 1 - 11:51
  • Workout 2 - 13:06

3. CrossFit Alioth

  • Workout 1 - 11:02
  • Workout 2 - 13:31


1. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue

  • Workout 1 - 9:46
  • Workout 2 - 11:46

2. CrossFit Zarautz Training Culture

  • Workout 1 - 9:07
  • Workout 2 - 12:09

3. CrossFit Nordic Original 

  • Workout 1 - 9:50
  • Workout 2 - 12:30

North America

1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

  • Workout 1 - 8:56
  • Workout 2 - 11:41

2. CrossFit Mayhem Independence

  • Workout 1 - 9:06
  • Workout 2 - 11:44

3. CrossFit Invictus

  • Workout 1 - 8:14
  • Workout 2 - 11:51


1. CrossFit Selwyn

  • Workout 1 - 9:04
  • Workout 2 - 11:50

2. CrossFit EXF

  • Workout 1 - 9:35
  • Workout 2 - 12:33

3. CrossFit Urban Energy

  • Workout 1 - 11:27
  • Workout 2 - 12:56

South America

1. Q21 CrossFit

  • Workout 1 - 11:15
  • Workout 2 - 14:10

2. BXP CrossFit Team BXP

  • Workout 1 - 11:29
  • Workout 2 - 14:44

3. Kingbull CrossFit Paraguay 

  • Workout 1 - 14:55
  • Workout 2 - 13:31


Teams To Watch 

CrossFit Selwyn

Fowler brothers Ben and Luke are leading a new team this year — CrossFit Selwyn. The Selwyn crew is showing it is a team to watch after finishing Day 1 with a perfect score (2 points). Selwyn sits in 1st place on the continental leaderboard for Oceania and 5th place worldwide. Marnie Sykes and Madeline Shelling, who are representing the female pairings, were both on the Plus64 Games team that placed 6th in 2021. CrossFit Selwyn has strong potential to make it to this year's 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games if the team can stay tight under pressure this weekend.  

CrossFit Reykjavík

Annie Thorisdottir’s Team Quarterfinal debut started off by hitting a bump in the road as CrossFit Reykjavík came in a surprising 44th overall following some slips in Workout 2. But with a strong team lineup including Lauren Fisher, Khan Porter, and Tola Morakinyo and four workouts left, the Reykjavík team has plenty of fuel and runway to make a comeback to the top 10 by the end of the weekend.

CrossFit Oslo Purple Red

CrossFit Oslo Purple Red, currently sitting in 15th place overall, is hungry for a Games debut. 2021 silver medalist Marius Tinglum Pettersen sits alongside two Purple Red teammates, Marian Johnsen and Haakon Leknes, who narrowly missed the Games in 2021.  


Workout 1 Highlights 

Workout 1 of the 2022 Team Quarterfinal contains three sections of couplets containing handstand walks and either front squats, front-rack lunge lengths, or single-leg squats. Teams completed each couplet in male-female pairs, advancing to the next section after both pairs completed the work. Time cap: 20 minutes.

Overall Standings

1.  CrossFit Invictus 

2.  *CrossFit Mayhem Freedom
*After further review, CrossFit Mayhem Justice placed 2nd.

3.  *CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue
*After further review, CrossFit OBA placed 3rd. 

Invictus set a world record time of 8:14, putting itself on track to head to its 13th consecutive Games. Four-time Games teenage competitor Devyn Kim and top Semifinal and Sanctional athlete Josh Al-Chamaa paired with 2021 Games veterans Jorge Fernandez and Brittany Weiss to dominate the pack, finishing 12 seconds ahead of second-place Mayhem Freedom. The hot start for Invictus caused Mayhem Freedom to miss its chance to put up a perfect score on Day 1. 


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Workout 2 Highlights

The second Team Quarterfinal workout consists of an ascending and descending ladder of synchronized line-facing burpees and shuttle runs. Time cap: 20 minutes.

Overall Rankings: 

1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

2. CrossFit Mayhem Independence

3. CrossFit PSC 

Mayhem Freedom and Mayhem Independence dominated the overall leaderboard on Workout 2, with 11:29 and 11:44 finishes, respectively. 

Mayhem Freedom has added to its arsenal Sam Cournoyer, who’s joined a pairing with two of the best women in Games Team history — Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson. The Workout 2 win has now given the team a total of four worldwide Team Quarterfinal workout wins out of the seven workouts it has completed. 

In the battle for third place worldwide, CrossFit PSC of Canada beat CrossFit Selwyn by one second with an 11:49 finish.  


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In Day 2 of the competition, the teams tackle Workout 3 and Workout 4, leaving plenty of time for leaderboard shifts as we head into the final workout on Sunday.