March 5, 2019
Sweden's Norman and Norway's Fjaagesund win 19.1
By CrossFit
Mikaela Norman and Snorre Fjaagesund take the top spots in 19.1 to lead the Open.
Mikaela Norman and Snorre Fjaagesund take the top spots in 19.1 to lead the Open.

Wall balls and rowing sent many in the CrossFit community into a dark place in search of deep squats and mental grit. The two athletes to emerge at the top of the Leaderboard are Norway's Mikaela Norman and Sweden's Snorre Fjågesund.

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Serbia's Lazar Đukić originally finished in a tie for first overall. After video review, he received a major penalty due to frequent lack of depth in the squat and finished with a score of 350. 

Fjågesund scored 411 reps at CrossFit Sandefjord. He is a masters athlete who finished 42nd overall and 1st in Norway in the 35-39 division in the Open last year. He did not record his workout and is ineligible for the US$2,019 payout by rule.


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Olivia Leeper initially led all women with a submitted score of 371, but the video Leeper presented during the verification process showed a score 327, which shifted her to 89th in the workout.

Norman, a multiyear Regional athlete and top finisher in Sweden year after year, posted a score of 366. A 4-rep minor penalty was assessed for missing the target on a wall ball, but her official score of 362 edged out Danielle Sidell by one point, earning her the US$2,019 prize. Watch Norman's effort in the video below.

If you are a top athlete competing for a qualifying spot in the Open, record videos of your Open workouts. 

Section 1.28 of the Rulebook: “Any athlete who qualifies for the Games is required to have used a registered judge (that is, a judge who passed the online Judges Course) during the Open workouts. If no registered judge is available to this athlete during an Open workout, the athlete must submit a video of this workout for judging and score validation.

CrossFit Inc. is actively reviewing and verifying scores beyond the top finishers in each week’s workouts. 


National Champions leaderboards are live on the Games site. See who is out in front in your country here. Stay tuned for more updates on the 2019 Open.