July 17, 2019
Sunset Relay Race at the Games 
By Ragnar Relay
A sunset spectator relay race is coming to the CrossFit Games.
A sunset spectator relay race is coming to the CrossFit Games.


Stretch those legs and join us for a Ragnar Sunset Relay, where you and three friends (or two for an ultra team) will run relay-style on a 2.4-mile course at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. Your team will finish after each team member has completed the loop once.

Compete against local affiliates and prove to your local community who is fastest!

After your team finishes, stick around to learn about all the Ragnar races across the country, including the NEW Ragnar Sunset Series.

Learn more about this complimentary event for spectators at the CrossFit Games. 

Ragnar Race - CrossFit Games


How does it work?

For the second straight year at the CrossFit Games, you and three friends will run relay style as you each complete a 2.4 mile loop. All four teammates must complete the loop before you are finished.

How long is it?

Each runner will run a 2.4 mile loop once. If you decide to complete as an ultra team, each member will run twice.

Where do I register?

Click here to register you and your teammates.

When do we start?

There will be a staggered start based on our team number. Your start time will be at either 5:30 PM, 5:45 PM, or 6 PM. An email will be sent out prior to the event about start times and will also be announced at the start. 

Ragnar Race CrossFit 2

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