Meet the Final Four Added to the Games Roster

July 2, 2022


The Texas Supermom, The Finnish Phenom, The Shining Star of España, The Jump Rope Genius

Arielle Loewen — CrossFit

Arielle Loewen

The Texas Supermom

Full-time Wife and Mom

’21 Fittest Mom in America

Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Track Background

Last-Chance Qualifier — CrossFit

Jonne Koski

The Finnish Phenom

7-time Games Competitor, Four Finishes Inside the Top 10

Wheelhouse: Swimming

Warmed up for the LCQ Like This

10K CrossFit

Last-Chance Qualifier — CrossFit

Elena Carratala Sanahuja

Shining Star of España

Warmed up for the LCQ by Winning the French Throwdown

Loves the Assault Bike as Much as the Rest of Us

CrossFit 4 Friends

Tim Paulson — CrossFit

Tim Paulson

The Jump Rope Genius (Has Performed 65 Unbroken Triple-unders)

Five-time Games Competitor

Celebrates With His Squad

Hockey Background

CrossFit Pallas


Cover photo by Kieran Kesner