October 8, 2019
How to Watch 2020 Open Announcements
By CrossFit
Tune in each week for live announcements all around the world.
Tune in each week for live announcements all around the world.

The 2020 CrossFit Open is here. This is a special part of the year when we share the common bond of fitness with friends, family, and others all across the globe. The Open is a five-week test that allows you to check in on your progress, discover weaknesses, and experience breakthroughs. 

Each week of the Open, the workout will be released live from a CrossFit Affiliate or special location. Live announcements will stream on the front page of Games.CrossFit.com. You can also tune in on the CrossFit Affiliates or Sanctionals individual channels. Links will be provided detailing where to watch.

Live announcements share the stories of fans and CrossFit athletes everywhere. As a fan of the sport, you'll get to experience the diversity of our community and notice the familiar elements that connect us. Let's take a look at Week 1. 

How to Watch the #20point1 Live Announcements, presented by FitAid 

Austin, Texas, U.S. - A meeting of fabled American fan favorites. Rich Froning, four-time Fittest man on Earth and member of four-time Affiliate Cup Championship team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, faces off against the most consistent CrossFit Games competitor in the sport's history, Scott Panchik, an eight-time Games veteran. This event is hosted by the Rogue Invitational Iron Game. 

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São Paulo, Brazil - The stage is set for Brazilian fans to enjoy a four-way matchup between Brazilian National Champion contenders. Underdog favorite Kaique Cerveny, who finished 22nd in Brazil in 2019, will face Gui Domingues, 2019's second-fittest Brazilian. On the women's side, Susana Etto, third in Brazil, and Tatá Rebane, seventh, will kick off 20.1 live from São Paulo. 

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🇧🇷 Com muito orgulho, anunciamos a TRANSMISSÃO AO VIVO do OPEN 20.1, direto da Kranio CrossFit @kraniocrossfit , em São Paulo, dia 10 de Outubro! Com o face to face de tirar o fôlego de Gui Domingues X Kaique Cerveny e Susana Etto X Tatá Rebane, essa disputa promete pegar fogo! 🔥 EM BREVE, mais informações sobre horário e ingressos, fique de olho! . Tatá Rebane: Atleta consistente, competiu em Regionais e foi a brasileira melhor colocada no BCC 2019. Com a raça que só ela tem, promete dar um show no 20.1! . Susana Etto: Com Regionais e o CrossFit Games 2019 na conta, ainda aparece nos pódios de campeonatos brasileiros importantes. Ela está pronta para encarar o que vier pela frente nesse Open! . Gui Domingues: Atleta experiente, 1º lugar do Brasil no Open 2018, 2º colocado do Brasil no Open 2019, participou dos 3 últimos Regionais e mira o CrossFit Games como meta para 2020. . Kaique Cerveny: Atleta em constante ascensão, ganhando campeonatos importantes nacionais e pódio em internacionais, vem para o 20.1 com mais sede de vitória! . 🇺🇸 It is with great pride that we announce the LIVE TRANSMISSION of OPEN 20.1, straight from Kranio CrossFit, in São Paulo, on 10 October 10th! Bringing a breathtaking face off between Gui Domingues X Kaique Cerveny e Susana Etto X Tatá Rebane, this battle is going to come in hot!🔥 Keep an eye out for further information COMING SOON regarding times and ticket sales! . 📷@joy_image @ph_chico . Sponsors: @fortifyequipamentos @yopro.br @fourmixx @eximia_formulas . #BCC2020 #MoreEpic #OpenUp #CrossFit #CrossFitGames

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Seoul, South Korea - For the first time, an Open workout will kick off live from Seoul, South Korea. During the announcement, hosted by 4TP CrossFit, one coach and one athlete from eight different CrossFit affiliates will pair up and compete to showcase the local CrossFit community to international fans abroad. 

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전세계 크로스피터들이 주목하는 Reebok CrossFit Games OPEN 2020, 올해는 최초로 한국에서 시작됩니다. 매주 열리는 WOD를 통해 전세계 크로스피터들과 함께하는 경쟁의 시간. 한국 시간으로 10월 11일 금요일 오전 9시 전세계 라이브 방송으로 실시간 중계됩니다. 현장에서 크로스핏 오픈의 시작을 함께하는 리클럽 분들에게 리복이 준비한 5만원 상당 Gift Package를 드리니 많은 참여 부탁 드립니다. 10/11 FRIDAY 9AM LIVE FROM 4TP FITNESS!! 20.1 LETS GET ITTTT!!🔥🔥 . . . . . #4TPfitness #CrossFit4TP #Crossfit #크로스핏 #크로스핏터 #운동 #일상 #헬스 #데일리 #하체운동 #파트너운동 #다이어트운동 #코어운동 #반포크로스핏 #강남크로스핏 #리복 #반포 #고속터미널 #강남 #wod #데일리운동 #fitness #피트니스 #instagood #그룹운동 #gymlife #고속터미널 #로잉 #crossfitopen

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Toulouse, France - Prepare for fireworks in France as two champions take on 20.1 live. Carole Castellani claimed the French National Champion title during the 2019 Open and finished 34th at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games. Sabrina Caron earned her Games invitation at the 2019 French Throwdown and finished 58th in Madison. Now the two will renew the race to the top during the live announcement at KultureFit CrossFit Toulouse

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20.1 - The Open FR/ (See English below) Dans la nuit du 10 au 11 Octobre 2019, l'équipe du French Throwdown s'associera avec @kulturefit_cf_beauzelle pour annoncer le 20.1, première épreuve de l'Open des CrossFit Games 2020. Nous inviterons @carolecastel et @sabrina__caron sur cette première étape de la saison 2020. Carole a remporté son titre championne nationale après l'Open 2019 et a terminé sur une belle 34ème place aux Games. Sabrina a remporté son invitation aux Games sur le fil lors de l'édition 2019 du French Throwdown et a décroché la 58ème place aux Games. Nous espérons voir toute la communauté Française se rassembler pour cette première annonce à Toulouse afin d'encourager nos deux représentantes Françaises sur le 20.1 EN/ In the night of the 10 to 11th of October 2019, the French Throwdown team together with the team from @kulturefit_cf_beauzelle will announce 20.1, the first workout of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open. For this first workout, we have invited @carolecastel and @sabrina__caron . Carole claimed the French National Champion title during the 2019 Open and finished 34th at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Sabrina won her Games invitation at the 2019 French Throwdown and finished 58th in Madison. We hope to see the French community unite for this first announcement in Toulouse to support our two french nationals throw down on 20.1 #frenchthrowdown #ftd20 #theopen #roadtothegames

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After the shows, replays will be available. Don't forget to download the scorecard and turn in your workouts on time. Scores are due at 5 p.m. PT on the Monday following each announcement. Celebrate your weekly experience in the Open by posting to #20point1 for Week 1, #20point2 for Week 2, and so on, until we've completed all five. This article will update to include how to watch each announcement. 

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