July 31, 2018
Castro Reveals Events at Athlete Dinner
By CrossFit
Dave Castro stuns athletes once again.
Dave Castro stuns athletes once again.

CrossFit has officially descended upon Madison, Wisconsin. Hundreds of competing athletes, CrossFit staff members, volunteers and fans have invaded the town that hosts the Fittest on Earth.

Earlier this evening, athletes attended the traditional athlete dinner where they’ve become accustomed to learning about what the week has in store. Director of the Games Dave Castro always has hints, tips and information up his sleeve, and much of it gets revealed at the yearly dinner.

This year’s dinner took place at Cento, the premiere Italian restaurant in downtown Madison. Athletes were enjoying the rustic Italian fare when Castro stood up in a booth and quieted the crowd. The eager competitors looked on with faces full of anticipation, waiting to hear their fate.

First, Castro revealed Individual Event 7 (IE7), which will take place on Friday, Aug. 3. Castro said it would be a chance at “redemption” for those athletes who attempted the workout at the 2017 Games. IE7 is a repeat:


For time:

5-8-13 reps of:

Parallette handstand push-ups

Double kettlebell deadlifts

Then, lunge 89 ft. with 2 kettlebells overhead

M 14-in. deficit, 2 203-lb. KB for deadlifts, 2 53-lb. KB for lunges

F 8-in. deficit, 2 124-lb. KB for deadlifts, 2 35-lb. KB for lunges

Time cap: 6 minutes

Athletes will complete 5 handstand push-ups and 5 kettlebell deadlifts, 8 handstand push-ups and 8 kettlebell deadlifts, then 13 handstand push-ups and 13 kettlebell deadlifts. They then will pick up 2 kettlebells and lunge with them overhead to the finish line.

Logan Collins was the only man to finish Fibonacci Final in 2017. Several of the women finished the event that year. This year the women’s version features higher reps but less of a deficit on the handstand push-ups.

Reigning Fittest Man on Earth Mat Fraser ponders the announcements.
Reigning Fittest Man on Earth Mat Fraser ponders the announcements.

Next up, Castro revealed Individual Event 4, which will take place Wednesday, Aug. 1. Just before he spilled the beans, he told the athletes that IE4 would be “one of the most challenging events—mentally and physically—you guys have ever done in the CrossFit Games.” IE4 is:

Marathon Row

For time:

Row 42,195 meters

Each athlete will row 42,195 meters for time. All athletes will perform this event at once.

Time cap: 4 hours

100-point event

Two-time Games champ Annie Thorisdottir reacts to the announcements. 

If you’re attending the Games in Madison, don’t forget to check out the RAM Fan Experience, where you’ll find a newly expanded fan workout area. Learn more about outside activities like the CrossFit Health Conference, Ragnar Relay, Fit Barge and more here. And don’t forget to download the CrossFit Games Event Guide app to stay in the loop about all things competition-related.

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