2022 CrossFit Semifinals Programming

May 10, 2022


2022 CrossFit Semifinals Programming details.

CrossFit Games Semifinals begin May 20. Individual and team athletes worldwide will gather to celebrate community through competition and contest to earn qualifying spots at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games. 

Intent Behind Semifinals Programming

The programming used during Semifinal competitions is designed to test athletes across a range of time domains, movements, loads, and rep ranges. The specific tests are intentionally not released to athletes until one week before their competition begins. This supports a central tenet of the CrossFit methodology, ensuring that athletes avoid specializing their training as in other sports and arrive at the competition ready for anything. 

All individual and team athletes will complete six workouts during their respective in-person competition. The individuals will be scored against a field of 30 athletes qualified from the Quarterfinals. The teams will be scored against a field of 20 teams. 

Two Standardized Workouts, One Repeat 

The programming for each competition will consist of four workouts provided by the individual Semifinal organizer and two workouts provided by CrossFit.

The Semifinal organizers and CrossFit have worked together to balance the overall stimulus of the individual competitions while allowing the local hosts the opportunity to create programming that best uses their unique facility and leaves their own mark on the CrossFit Games qualifying process.

The two standardized workouts that will be used across all Semifinals include a weightlifting complex and a repeat workout from 2014. While this specific complex has not been used in competition before, testing max lifts is a hallmark of CrossFit training. 

CrossFit workouts produce observable, measurable, and repeatable results. Repeating workouts and tracking performance over time is another essential part of CrossFit training. The repeat couplet of rope climbs and running will allow athletes and fans one way to compare the individual athletes in 2022 to the field from 2014. 

Click here to see a current list of all workouts that have been released (and check back for updates).

Two Semifinals Workouts Released 

Below are the two workouts every individual and team will face during Semifinals. 

Individual Workouts 

Individual Workout 1: 2014 Regional Event 5 

10 rounds for time:
1 legless rope climb, 15 ft
Run, 170 ft

Time cap: 11 minutes

CrossFit Semifinal Individual Event 5

Individual Workout 2: Barbell Complex

3 attempts for max load of:
3 cleans
2 front squats
1 jerk (shoulder-to-overhead)

CrossFit Semifinal Individual Workout 2: Barbell Complex


Team Workout 1: Thruster + Legless Rope Climbs 

For time, starting with the female pair:
40 thrusters, 95 lb
6 legless rope climbs
30 thrusters, 95 lb 
4 legless rope climbs
20 thrusters, 95 lb
2 legless rope climbs
Immediately followed by the male pair (thrusters at 135 lb)

Time cap: 20 minutes

Team Workout 1: Thruster + Legless Rope Climb - CrossFit Semifinals

Team Workout 2: Team Snatch Ladder

Weight in lb

M: 185|195|205|215|225|235|245|255|265|275|
11th platform staged at 285 lb

F: 135|140|145|150|155|160|165|170|175|180|
11th platform staged at 185 lb

Weight in kg

M: 84|88|93|98|102|107|111|115|120|124|
11th platform staged at 129 kg

F: 61|65|68|70|72|75|77|79|81|
11th platform staged at 84 kg

Team Semifinal Workout 2

These tests will provide two repeatable data sets to support cross-competition comparisons in the Semifinal stage of the CrossFit Games season. 

Semifinal event partners will release the remaining workouts no later than one week prior to the start of their competition. 

Stay tuned to the Games website and mobile app for more Semifinals announcements, including updates for age-group and adaptive athletes. 

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