July 30, 2018
The 2007 Total
By CrossFit
How far have we come since the 2007 Games?
How far have we come since the 2007 Games?

The CrossFit Total first made an appearance in competition at the inaugural CrossFit Games in 2007, which took place at The Ranch in Aromas, California. This year, we'll see what 11 years of evolution can do for the numbers as we watch competitors at the 2018 Games take on the exact same event in Madison, Wisconsin. 

The CrossFit Total adds up the max weights successfully lifted for the deadlift, back squat and shoulder press. In 2007, the highest total for the men was put up by Connor Banks with 1,225 lb. The women's winner was Nicole Dehart, who lifted 530 lb. across the three lifts. See the complete leaderboards and additional photos below.

Men's 2007 Leaderboard


Women's 2007 Leaderboard


2007 champion Jolie Gentry at the top of her shoulder press
The 2007 Games crowd looks on as athletes complete the Total.
2007's overall fourth-place finisher and CrossFit legend Chris Spealler

With women hitting 345-lb. back squats and 400-lb. deadlifts, and both lifts easily nearing 500 lb. for the men, the totals in 2018 will undoubtedly far surpass the totals we saw in 2007. 

The CrossFit Total is Individual Event 3 (IE3) of the 2018 Games—and it has a twist. Athletes will have just a 4-minute window to perform each lift. Within that window the athlete may make up to 3 attempts. The athlete’s score will be the combined total of his or her heaviest successful lift at each station.

Who will lift the most in 2018? 

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