An Update on Semifinals Payouts

October 14, 2022

Due to drug testing and appeals, the payouts for the 2022 Semifinals have been delayed.

At all CrossFit-licensed events, if an athlete or team is not drug tested, they would traditionally not be eligible for prize money, so it is important all drug testing is complete before prize money is issued.

CrossFit has issued prize money to seven of the 10 Semifinals to date. Three Semifinals are unresolved, including:

  • Fittest in Cape Town
  • Syndicate Crown
  • Far East Throwdown

Upon further consideration of the facts of the Fittest in Cape town drug testing results, CrossFit has determined team BST CrossFit and CrossFit FireBolt will receive prize money for second and third place, respectively.

CrossFit will post another update when the process is complete.

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