Tomorrow's All-Division Swim Event Announced

August 5, 2022

Everyone gets in the pool tomorrow. The complete details for tomorrow's all-division swim event were announced during the live broadcast of Friday afternoon's events:

Rinse 'N' Repeat

Every 2 minutes:
50-yard swim
8-cal Ski Erg*

*Add 2 calories each round for 6 rounds, then complete as many calories as possible for rounds 7 and 8.Time cap: 2 minutes per round, 8 possible rounds

Venue: UW Pool

The 50-yard swim will be 25 yards down then 25 yards back.The required calories completed on the Ski Erg will increase by 2 each round for up to 6 rounds. If at any point an athlete fails to complete the calories, they are done, and their score will be the total number of calories completed up to that point. Athletes who make it through the 18 calories in the 6th round will then complete 2 more rounds, this time accumulating as many calories as possible.

View additional details by division here.

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