First Three Team Events Announced

August 2, 2022

At an athlete briefing Tuesday morning, Adrian Bozman announced the details of the first three team events for this year's CrossFit Games.

Biker Bob

Push Bob down the field

Then, 3 rounds for time:
1-mile bike, M1F1
252-ft Bob push, M2F2 (unloaded)
30 synchro toes-to-bars, M2F2
Then switch

After the final toes-to-bar, push Bob to finish

Time cap: 40 minutes
Venue: North Park

For the bike portion, athletes will leave the stadium and ride laps of a 1-mile course.

Presented by Trek



For load:

1-rep-max jerk, F1
1-rep-max front squat, F2
1-rep-max jerk, M1
1-rep-max front squat, M2

Each member will have 2 attempts for their respective max lift. The team’s score will be the sum of each member’s heaviest successful lift.

Event 3, Fast, will begin immediately after Event 2.

Presented by O2



For time:

1,600-m run (as a team)
1,600-m run (2 members)
1,600-m run (2 members)

Event 3 will begin immediately after Event 2.

Time cap: 23 minutes
Venue: North Park

Event 3 will begin immediately after Event 2.

The first run must be completed by all 4 members, who will run together while holding a 10-ft piece of rope. The second run will be completed by 2 members, while the other 2 rest. The final run will be completed by the 2 members who previously rested.

Presented by O2


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Adrian Bozman at team athlete briefing
Photo by Meg Ellery