Individual Event 5, The Capitol, Announced at Athlete Dinner

July 31, 2022

On Sunday evening, July 31, athletes joined the CrossFit Games leadership team for the annual athlete dinner in Madison, Wisconsin.

During the dinner, Director of Competition Adrian Bozman announced the details of Event 5, which the individual athletes will perform in the morning on Friday, Aug. 5:

The Capitol

For time:

20 Pig flips
3.5-mile run
200-m Jerry bag carry
200-m Husafell carry

Women: 350-lb Pig, (2) 70-lb Jerry bags, 150-lb Husafell
Men: 510-lb Pig, (2) 100-lb Jerry bags, 200-lb Husafell

Athletes will begin with Pig flips at the AEC Center and then will run across town to the Capitol. There, they will perform farmers carries with the Jerry bags and Husafell carries down State Street, finishing on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol building.