RP Strength Now the Official Nutrition Coaching Platform of the NOBULL CrossFit Games

July 15, 2022

RP Strength, a top coaching and sports science company, is now the official nutrition coaching platform of the NOBULL CrossFit Games. Led by a team of top experts in nutrition and sports science, RP Strength will help CrossFit athletes maximize their performance with evidence-based nutrition coaching, research, and programs. 

For years, RP has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world achieve their health and fitness goals, ultimately leading to this partnership with CrossFit. And this year, as RP celebrates their 10-year anniversary, they look forward to continuing their mission to help athletes look and feel their best for decades to come.

“This is a huge moment for RP and the CrossFit community. It has been a great transformation to see the CrossFit community not only focus on the quality of the foods that they are consuming over the years, but we can now be a focal point in how much of it they are consuming to better reach their health and fitness goals. We can’t wait to celebrate this exciting milestone at this year’s NOBULL CrossFit Games,” said Nick Shaw, co-founder and CEO of RP Strength. 

“All of the health and fitness benefits of CrossFit are built on the foundation of nutrition, so we are pleased to partner with RP Strength, who shares our commitment to helping members improve their performance by dialing in their nutrition,” said Justin Bergh, CrossFit GM of Sport. “RP is proven in the nutrition coaching space, and we look forward to our work together to highlight the importance of nutrition across our community.”

“There has been a definite shift towards a more macronutrient-based approach in the fitness industry over the past decade, and we are proud to be at the forefront of that transition,” Shaw said and went on to add, “At the end of the day we want to help our members reach their health and fitness goals, and this partnership amplifies our ability to help more people around the world. We’re extremely excited to help even more people and transform their lives through nutrition and exercise.”

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