Guide to the Semifinals

May 28, 2021

The 2021 CrossFit Semifinals are a brand new phase of the CrossFit Games season. The Semifinals will serve as the final hurdle for individual athletes and teams hoping to qualify for the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. 

CrossFit has partnered with a series of event organizers to host 10 Semifinal events taking place over four consecutive weekends in May and June. The Semifinals will take place on six continents, with each continent hosting at least one event: North America (4), Europe (2), Oceania (1), Africa (1), Asia (1), and South America (1). 

Each Semifinal will host 30 men, 30 women, and 20 teams of athletes who scored top performances in the online Quarterfinals. 

To see which athletes and teams are competing at each Semifinal, check out the Semifinals leaderboard. The leaderboard will be updated regularly during the Semifinal competitions. 

View the date and location for each of the 10 Semifinals here. The five in-person Semifinals will be livestreamed and available for real-time viewing on, Facebook, and YouTube. Learn more about how to watch the events here.