The 2020 Games Demo Team

October 20, 2020

Saxon Panchik, Chandler Smith, and Danielle Brandon are on-site as this year's Games Demo Team. 





2020 Demo Team Member: @blacksmifff “Getting knocked down isn’t a choice, but staying down is. All credit to the training partners, coaches, @usarmy, TTT staff, friends, media, and everyone else who helped this year of fitness be the greatest one yet. “‘Growth is over time, not over night.’ Looking forward to the next few months of starting the path towards next year’s @crossfitgames.” Smith had an impressive showing in Stage 1, his second appearance at the CrossFit Games. He missed out on qualifying for the finals by a mere two points. — Images captured by @flsportsguy — #CrossFitGames #CrossFit #fitness #Workout #FittestonEarth #CrossFitTraining #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #CrossFitMen

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The 2020 CrossFit Games are underway, and the final five men and women have emerged from Stage 1 to battle for the title of Fittest on Earth. The in-person competition starts Friday, Oct. 23, in Northern California.

Get all the info on how to watch the finals here.