First Five Team Invites From Sanctionals

February 3, 2020

Last week, CrossFit Games invites were sent to teams that earned invitations through Sanctionals

Games team rosters consist of six members: the four athletes who competed at the Sanctionals competition on the same team, plus two alternates (one woman and one man). Once the six names for the roster have been provided to the CrossFit Games staff, the team may select only from among those six members to field a team at the Games. If an athlete is listed on a Games team roster, that athlete is not eligible to compete on another team at the Games.

Once an athlete is listed on a Games team roster, if the athlete competes on a different team prior to the Games, the athlete’s new team will not be eligible to receive an invitation to the Games. Below are the first five teams: 

2020 Reebok CrossFit Games Team Invites

From CrossFit Filthy 150 in Dublin, Ireland:


Dex Hopkins

Christian Harris

Zach Sowder - alternate

Brooke Haas - captain

Kelly Baker

Amanda Hardeman - alternate


From the Dubai CrossFit Championship in Dubai, UAE:

Affiliate: CrossFit OC3

Travis Williams

Roy Gamboa

Chandler Smith - alternate

Taylor Williamson - captain

Andrea Nisler

Tia-Clair Toomey - alternate


From the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge in Chengdu, China:

Team Butchers Lab

André Houdet

Julian Kragh-Maschvitsz

Filip Yang Fisker - alternate

Rebecka Vitesson - captain

Louise Wickstrom

Frederikke Frandsen - alternate


From the SouthFit CrossFit Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Affiliate: Gopher State CrossFit

Brandon Luckett

Jordan Cook

Nick Mathew - alternate

Alexis Johnson  - captain

Emily Tanner

McKenzie Flinchum - alternate


From CrossFit Strength in Depth in London, U.K.:

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

Richard Froning Jr. - captain

Scott Panchik

Dre Strohm - alternate

Chyna Cho

Tasia Percevecz

Haley Adams - alternate

The 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held the week of Wednesday, July 29, through Sunday, Aug. 2. Visit the CrossFit Games tab for more information.

2020 Reebok CrossFit Games - First Five Team invites