Make Your Score Count in the Open

September 13, 2019

Each athlete is responsible for ensuring the timely and successful submission of workout scores or videos each week. 

Incomplete score submissions will not be accepted. Each week, scores must be submitted by Monday at 5:00 p.m. An official scorecard is published each week to assist you in recording an accurate score.

Athletes must have their scores confirmed either by performing the workout at a validly licensed CrossFit affiliate in good standing under the observation of a judge, or by uploading a video of their workout to the CrossFit Games website. 

Scores then will be validated either by an affiliate manager (for non-video submissions) or the CrossFit Games internal review team (for video submissions). 

You can see a sample scorecard here

For more information on judging and score validation, please go to and scroll through the “Manage Affiliate” articles

The 2020 Open begins Oct. 10. Register today.


2020 Open Scorecard