Affiliate Leaderboard in the Open

September 13, 2019

Compete as a gym and see the many ways you stack up against CrossFit affiliates around town and across the globe. 

As part of the Open, CrossFit, Inc. will host a leaderboard ranking for all affiliates in good standing. Each affiliate will appear on the affiliate leaderboard once they have members register for the Open. 

There is no additional registration process required for an affiliate to appear on the leaderboard. Every athlete who selects an affiliate during Open registration is to their affiliate’s roster. Unaffiliated gyms will not appear on this leaderboard. 

Affiliates will are on a public leaderboard linked from the main Open Leaderboard. The affiliate leaderboard will include various filters and scoring methods, which can be used to compare affiliates. There will be options to compare based on top athletes, averages of all members, etc. 

International CrossFit Affiliate Leaderboard

Affiliates will also be searchable by country. For more information on the various leaderboard filters and scoring methods, please go to and scroll through the “Compete” articles in the Open category. 

CrossFit Affiliate Leaderboard in Spain

Top affiliates in each scoring method and country will be recognized by CrossFit. Currently, being a top affiliate does not qualify teams for a subsequent competition. The only route for a team to be invited to compete in the Games is by competing in Sanctionals competitions.

Find your CrossFit affiliate on the leaderboard here. 

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