Age Group Online Qualifier Begins May 2

March 28, 2019

Following the Open, the top 200 age-group athletes worldwide in each age division will qualify to compete in the Age-Group Online Qualifier (#AGOQ).

At the start of the Age-Group Online Qualifier, all rankings will reset, and each athlete will start with the same rank. Age-group athletes then will have scores tabulated from the Online Qualifier in order to determine their final rank leading up to the Games. If an athlete fails to post a valid
score in an Online Qualifier workout for any reason, that athlete will receive a score of “0” for that workout.

Ties on the overall leaderboard for Online Qualifier will be broken by awarding the best position to the athlete who has the highest result in any single Online Qualifier workout. Read the Rulebook for more details.

Invitations to the AGOQ will be emailed April 15.

Record all videos if you intend to qualify for the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.