18.2 Score Submissions

March 3, 2018

From the 18.2 Workout Description: "Official weights areĀ in pounds. For your convenience, the minimum acceptable weights in kilograms are 22.5 kg (50 lb.), 15 kg (35 lb.), 10 kg (20 lb.) and 5 kg (10 lb.). Athletes lifting with kg plates will need to convert their weight to pounds prior to submitting."

After you convert kilos to pounds, please round to the nearest pound (up or down). That is the weight you will submit for 18.2a.

Example: 102 kg = 224.872 lb. = 225 lb.

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If you missed score submission for 18.1 and are attempting to submit scores for 18.2, do so through the CrossFit Games site and not the app. Submit 18.2 scores here.