CrossFit Zeeburg

Crossfit Zeeburg is a high-quality CrossFit Box located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We offer daily CrossFit WOD’s and two Yoga classes a week. Founded by three friends who are very passionate about CrossFit and helping people achieve their dream, owning our own place to train and help peoples a dream come true. Because of its relatively small size compared to other CrossFit boxes (max. 12 people in a WOD) we really focus on giving you as much personal attention and guidance as possible. Quality of coaching and giving everyone the movement cues they need are for us the most important points to focus on. We are firm believers in the training principles that Crossfit offers through our own experience. We’ve been the ‘sporty’ types our whole lives but experienced first hand that working out can be even more fun than we thought! The competition, the community, the constant varying workouts make CrossFit a fun way to get really fit and strong! This is something we’ve been looking for our whole lives. We are also firm believers in the three principles CrossFit stands for: Move, Eat, Rest. Firstly, we as human beings are not created to sit still all day but have to move to stay healthy and live long and happy lives. Whether you come train with us or talk a long walk every day, please do yourself the favor of moving your body on a daily basis. Did you know your first class is free? Click HERE to sign up and try this CrossFit thing out

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