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Athlete: Heather Welsh

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Central East
CrossFit Polaris
CrossFit Polaris
147 lb


Filthy 5024:21
Fight Gone Bad403
Sprint 400m0:58
Run 5k20:15
Clean & Jerk225 lb
Snatch165 lb
Deadlift365 lb
Back Squat295 lb
Max Pull-ups33



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"It was all strategy," Osborn said. Photos courtesy of Erin Hinkle.   The first time Jen Osborn did Open Workout 14.3, she posted 175 reps and secured first place in the Central East...
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"I’m not taking it for granted, and realizing it’s an opportunity not had by many and you don’t know if you’ll get it again."    In 2012, it all came down to the 70-lb. dumbbell...
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"My goal was to go out and make them chase me." ~Gerald Sasser For Central East competitors, defeat is rarely measured by leaps and bounds … more like fractions and...
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Arguably, the women of the Central East have the hardest job in CrossFit — they have to keep up with the men of the Central East. And if history has taught us anything, it’s that this doesn’t...
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With three athletes sitting top 10 in the worldwide standings, more than any other region, the Central East men prove once again that they came to play.   Moments after Dave Castro...
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“These seconds are so important. Since this sport has gotten so competitive, you don’t have a lot of margin for error.” The top photo is courtesy of James Cheney (blue shorts). Hank Word...
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“I’m really competitive, but there’s something about having a child ... that wipes away all the competitiveness. I can enjoy it this year, even though I’m not at the top of the pack. I have my...
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