Peak 360 CrossFit Brings Attention to Miscount

Published on Fri, 2013-04-12 14:00

"Unfortunately, it came down to one rep, but that is the sport and integrity is everything in sport, of course, but more so in life."


Noah Ohlsen, of Peak 360 CrossFit, submitted 212 reps for Open Workout 13.5.

After five weeks of the Open, Ohlsen finished in 10th place in the South East and helped his team narrowly make the top 30 to qualify for Regional competition.  

Later, while reviewing video of his 13.5 performance for coaching cues, he realized his judge mistakenly counted one thruster that he didn't complete. Ohlsen and his coach, Guido Trinidad, (2012 Reebok CrossFit Games competitor) decided to bring it to the attention of the CrossFit Games staff.

Taking away one rep from the workout means Peak 360 CrossFit's team moves from 30th place to 31st place, outside of Regional qualification.

“We were fully aware of the repercussions beforehand and how it would affect another team’s ability to attain a goal they have worked hard for,” Trinidad says. “Unfortunately, it came down to one rep, but that is the sport and integrity is everything in sport, of course, but more so in life.”

Ohlsen agrees and is keeping a positive mindset.

“I would have felt guilty letting it slide with the proof right in front of me," he says. "We wanted to maintain our integrity as a CrossFit gym, and I myself as an individual, so I emailed HQ … Upsetting, but just a driving force to qualify beyond doubt for next year."

Ohlsen’s honesty and integrity has not gone unnoticed.

“Despite a potentially negative outcome for the team, Noah acted with integrity,” says General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh. “No one was calling him out. He didn't need to contact us. But it was the right thing to do.”

Bergh adds: “It's popular to search for controversy and scandal in sports, and ours is no different. However, the CrossFit community is filled with athletes who behave with great integrity, honesty and respect for their peers. This is part of what makes us so different. You don't find that in most sports.”



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