The Kinetics Girls

Published on Wed, 2013-04-03 12:55
Kate Rose

We have an invested interest in each other's development. Our goal is to be successful collectively as a group, not just beat the girl working out next to you."


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Floater photo by Fabrice Vermeer

The female trainers at CrossFit Kinetics compete with one another at every workout. They feel they have no choice.

“We don’t have access to the networks of competitions, athletes or coaching that Ontario and Quebec have, so we’ve had to turn to each other for support and motivation. We have an invested interest in each other’s development. Our goal is to be successful collectively as a group, not just beat the girl working out next to you,” Tiffany Dicks, one of the trainers at CrossFit Kinetics, says.

Sacha Adkins, Lisa McNeil, Megan MacIsaac and Dicks have been working together to improve since 2011.

Dicks is a former marathoner. A classmate introduced her to CrossFit after she suffered running-related injuries. McNeil and MacIsaac, both rugby players, started three years ago in an attempt to improve their conditioning. Adkins started CrossFit at CrossFit Kitchener more than two years ago, before moving to Halifax in 2011.

The strength of the group has been on display during the Open. Kinetics ranks 22nd in Canada East with only 13.5 left in the Open. Best of all, each of the four is contributing high scores to the team.

Adkins’ 183 reps on 13.1 was top at Kinetics. MacIsaac led the affiliate with 354 reps on 13.2. Dicks posted the high score in the gym with 249 reps in 13.3. Adkins scored 102 reps on 13.4.

“Tiff is our gathering point and lynchpin. She is a well-rounded and modest athlete with very high standards for herself,” McNeil says.

McNeil is the motivator.

“She is blunt, honest and the first person to call you out on making excuses or not giving it your all,” Dicks says.  

Megan is the optimist.

“She is constantly smiling, always down to earth and observant with a great sense of humor. She knows just what to say to give your confidence a boost and calm pre-workout nerves,” Dicks says.

Adkins’ dedication to the team is unparalleled.

“She’s not only focused on her own training, but she wants to see everyone else achieve their goals, as well,” Dicks says.

Individually, Adkins sits in 19th in Canada East after four events.

The four women each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

“Lisa is a killer powerlifter and working on her gymnastic movements; Meg has an unreal work capacity and is fighting to lift heavy weights for high reps. Sacha is pretty well rounded with some gymnastic weaknesses,” Dicks says.

“It’s setting us up for a strong showing on the girls’ side of the team event at Regionals.”

She adds: “It’s pretty clear who is going to Regionals for the women’s side. Luckily the four of us are the top-ranked girls. Sacha will go Individual and the rest Team. That pressure is non-existent for us, and we’re able to compete with each other, not against.”


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