Erin DiVincenzo's Violent Meditation

Published on Tue, 2012-02-21 12:41
Tommy Baker


An Explosive Background
Former hurdler, high jumper and basketball player, Erin DiVincenzo is no stranger to competitive athletics and sports involving explosive movements. 
In 2011, DiVincenzo, 46, missed qualifying for the Games as a Masters athlete by a mere four spots and went on to compete with her affiliate team, CrossFit Rochester, at the 2011 North East Regional. Her experience at Regionals was inspiring, energizing and unique – and one that she is looking to experience again this year as a Master’s individual competitor.
DiVincenzo loves CrossFit for the same reasons she loved competing in athletics her entire life: working toward a measurable goal, being surrounded by like-minded athletes, and enjoying the support, competition, and camaraderie of teammates. The surprise factor keeps DiVincenzo motivated. “You never know what to expect; and that keeps you juiced up.”

"Oddly enough, the reason I can juggle a job, family, three kids, etc., is because of CrossFit"

Erin at the 2011 North East Regional




Juggling a Job, Family, and Training

Although she is busy juggling the demands of a full-time job, family, and training, DiVincenzo uses CrossFit to assist her in her seemingly hectic schedule. “Oddly enough, the reason I can juggle a job, family, three kids, etc., is because of CrossFit, not in spite of CrossFit,” DiVincenzo says. 
She loves the simplicity of what she does, saying, “I just have to do what’s on the whiteboard. My job is to trust the programming and remove doubts from my mind.  It’s sort of a more violent form of meditation.” She seems content in not having to control, analyze, and plan her workouts. Instead, she just executes them to the best of her ability and moves on, trusting her coach and her training.
Her family plays a big role in her mindset and comfort inside the gym. Setting an example for her three daughters and husband, John, is a point of pride for DiVincenzo. “They’re impressed that I can do push-ups and pull-ups, flip tires and climb a rope,” she says. She also mentions the importance to reinforce that women can be, and should be, strong, regardless of age.
In the last six months, she’s focused her training on strength and power, and the results have made a significant difference, both physically and mentally. Knowing she can lift heavier weights as well as perform movements, such as ring dips and chest-to-bar pull-ups is empowering and prepares her for anything. She says she loves any workout with deadlifts, power cleans, or double-unders and considers “longer AMRAPs” more challenging.
A very well rounded athlete who has few glaring weaknesses, DiVincenzo is one to watch atop the Open Leaderboard this February in the North East region.
Age:   46
Affiliate:  CrossFit Rochester 
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight:  135
Fran: 5:58
Cindy: 19 rounds
Helen: 10:54
Elizabeth: 9:19
Grace: 3:44
Deadlift: 250
Front Squat: 140
Back Squat: 150
Clean & Jerk: 125
Max Clean: 135
Snatch: 90
OHS: 125


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