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Team: CrossFit Center City

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Hey there, Tiger Tamers: Welcome to our Games Team! There are a couple things that you will need to know if you are here: --------------------------------------------------------- 1. Firstly, take a look through this blog post to be clear on what the Open entails, what opportunities will be given to you at our affiliate as a whole, and what you can do to better prepare and do your best throughout the competition: (forthcoming!)----------------------------------------- 2. Remember, the Open WODs will be released on Thursday (starting Feb. 27th and going for 5 weeks) at 8 p.m. EST. We will complete them on Friday IN CLASSES, and then at selected times throughout the weekend. Then, your scores are due to be submitted by Monday at 8 p.m. I will send out a weekly reminder to submit scores but would encourage you all to set a reminder in your calendars, iPhones, and heads right now to submit your scores on time! -------------------------------------------------------- 3. If you believe your score for any WOD will be contributing to the overall team score or that you may have a chance at qualifying for Regionals as an individual PLEASE make sure you have thoroughly read through the Rulebook so that you understand how you will have to be judged: - all athletes may be called to this standard, but you will have to prove that you were! Feel free to be in touch with me ( if you are confused about any part of your submission! ------------------------------------------- 4. Missing one week of the Open disqualifies ALL the rest of your previous scores. Even if all you can submit is ONE REP of a workout, you should do it! Plan ahead to be present to complete this ONE REP or if you know you will be away you may film your efforts or contact a local affiliate to verify your scores. The moral of the story is: PLAN AHEAD! -------------------------------------------------------- 5. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US! If you are worried, injured, generally confused, excited beyond control, or just plain interested in knowing more - don't be shy! Email with any questions you may have about the Open! And with all that said, here's to another year of working together to be better every day! Erin