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It was almost a repeat of 2011.   It was almost a repeat of 2011. Two years ago, the winners of the SoCal Regional were Josh Bridges, Rebecca Voigt, and Invictus...
Article, Posted Sun, 05.19.13
V is for victory, and also Voigt, Voboril and Valenzuela. View more photos here. If Event 4 was long and grueling, Event 5 was short, heavy, and brutal. Take a break...
Article, Posted Sat, 05.18.13
It all came down to Event 6.   Headed into this year’s Southern California Regional, Team CrossFit SoCal was ranked 16th from the Open. Based on this placing, one would not have been...
Article, Posted Mon, 07.02.12
Familiar names in SoCal are headed back to the CrossFit Games. On the final day of the Southern California Regional, there were no guarantees.    The top three places...
Article, Posted Sun, 05.13.12
Bill Grundler, 42, wins the men's competition, and Kristan Clever sets a new world record by 10 seconds. Southern Californians love their cars, so it’s fitting the SoCal...
Article, Posted Tue, 05.08.12
Team CDR Redlands, CrossFit SoCal finished team Diane in 1st and 2nd with CrossFit 760 and Outlier CrossFit Vader tied for 3rd. 
Video, Posted Tue, 05.08.12
Oceanside CrossFit and CrossFit 760 are excited to host the Open workouts.  "Any CrossFitters may come in and hit the workout during the classes," Oceanside CrossFit owner Laura Patefield says, "we...
Video, Posted Tue, 02.07.12