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"You want to meet good people, join a CrossFit gym. I always tell young people, 'Don't hang out at a bar. That's stupid. Go to a CrossFit gym."   It was Sunday morning and...
Article, Posted Tue, 05.27.14
"My goal was to go out and make them chase me." ~Gerald Sasser For Central East competitors, defeat is rarely measured by leaps and bounds … more like fractions and...
Article, Posted Fri, 06.07.13
The top five men finished Jackie in 5:09. Tenth of a second differences determined the finish order.                   Three weeks of fitness hellfire have obliterated all we...
Article, Posted Fri, 06.07.13
"I've brainwashed my athletes into believing we're the best," Brad Berlin says. Photo by: Chris Switzer Top photo by: Steve Riparip Shortly after the 2012 Central East Regional,...
Article, Posted Wed, 06.05.13