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Team: CrossFit Moncton

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I am CrossFit Moncton. I do not worry about my looks. I care about my health. I do not cry or whine during a workout. I sweat, grunt and curse. I am not afraid of pain. I accept it. I am CrossFit Moncton. My scars are stories of my dedication. I wear them with pride. I show others that hard work is the ONLY way to fitness. I am CrossFit Moncton. Student, Trainer, Coach. Increased work capacity is my mission. Elite fitness is my goal. I am CrossFit Moncton. When I have nothing left to give, I do one more. I may find something difficult, but not impossible. I see failure as a step closer to success. I am CrossFit Moncton, Nothing will get in my way. Nothing.


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CrossFit NYC is in the lead with 198 registered athletes, but with 16 days remaining there are bound to be shifts in the standings. Just under 2,000 teams from around the world have...
Article, Posted Fri, 02.22.13