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Team: CrossFit Lower Town

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CROSSFIT LOWER TOWN Located in the heart of beautiful Plymouth and home of the CFLT CRAZIES!! Proud to say CFLT Team finished 6th in the Central East Regionals in 2013 and Coach Eric "The Machine" Bartlett finished 3rd in the World at the 2012 CrossFit Games and qualified for Cali in 2013 as well!! Let's get it!!


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"This (event) was a lot faster than my 2011 performance, even with my little extra trip around the box." ~Michelle Kinney Today in the Central East, Julie Foucher...
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Rich Froning Jr. once again leads the men in the Central East, and Danielle Sidell sits in first for the women after shocking fans with her score of 420 on 13.2. Last Wednesday, just minutes...
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Find out who's going to compete at the 2012 Central East Regional.   ​Regionals are officially under way! The Canada East, Central East, Latin America and Southern California regions...
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