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Athlete: Ben Garard

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Bent On CrossFit
165 cm
183 lb


Filthy 500:00
Fight Gone Bad0
Sprint 400m0:58
Run 5k19:15
Clean & Jerk150 kg
Snatch121 kg
Deadlift245 kg
Back Squat218 kg
Max Pull-ups55


Owner/Head Coach at BENt On CrossFit


How I Eat

I eat quality foods but don't measure the amount

I eat whatever is convenient

I eat 1-3 full cheat meals per week

I try to balance fats, proteins & carbs with every meal. In saying that I don't count macros. I eat foods high in energy with my main focus on recovery & to have more fuel going in than out.

How I Train

I workout mostly at a CrossFit Affiliate

I have a coach who determines my programming

I incorporate workouts

I record my workouts

I have recently transitioned from a 'freestyle' approach to a somewhat 'structured' approach. I generally do weightlifting/strength in the morning, with a MetCon focus in the afternoon. I found myself a coach, we work towards rectifying weaknesses & being the most consistent well rounded athlete I can be.

My Athletic Background

I played youth or high school level sports

I regularly play recreational sports

I have loved competing my entire life. I played a variety of team sports including hockey, touch football & rugby league at representative level. I did time in the Australian Army & that is where I got into Strength & Conditioning. I enjoy surfing, wake boarding & snow boarding as recreational sports.

My Experience With CrossFit

I began CrossFit by trying it alone (without a coach)

I have completed the CrossFit Level 1 certificate course

I have had a life changing experience due to CrossFit

I train other people

I started CrossFit in Feb 2012 when I signed up for the Open. My first ever CrossFit competition was AUS/NZ Regionals 2012. That was a life changing experience for me. I signed a lease for BENt On CrossFit in June 2012 & have been CrossFitting there ever since. I love the challenge & it's motivating to compare myself to the rest of the world. CrossFit has allowed me to interact with like minded people & has become a way of life. My goal as an athlete is to make The CrossFit Games & do well when I do.

My Work/Rest Schedule

I do multiple workouts in a day 3+ times a week

I typically rest 4 or more days per month

I listen to my body & ensure there is enough recovery/time between workouts. I stick to a program & typically rest 2 x per week.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

2-4 years

Signed up for the CrossFit Games Open 2012 & haven't looked back since.


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