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Athlete: Alessandra Pichelli

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Northern California
Diablo CrossFit Anejo
Diablo CrossFit
156 lb


Filthy 5015:34
Fight Gone Bad457
Sprint 400m--
Run 5k20:41
Clean & Jerk245 lb
Snatch210 lb
Deadlift400 lb
Back Squat305 lb
Max Pull-ups--



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Top athletes throw down in Big Sky, Mont., at the 2013 CrossFit Tour event. Alessandra Pichelli, Stacie Tovar and Michelle Kinney take on bottom-to-bottom Tabata thrusters in the final event of the...
Video, Posted Wed, 09.04.13
Watch Michelle Kinney, Alessandra Pichelli, Stacie Tovar and Gretchen Kittelberger compete in the Handstand Push-Up/Hill Run Event in Big Sky, Montana.  
Video, Posted Wed, 09.04.13
Top athletes throw down in Big Sky, Mont., at the 2013 CrossFit Tour event. Dan Bailey, Scott Panchik, Matt Chan, Alessandra Pichelli, Michelle Kinney and Gretchen Kittelberger go for a max clean in...
Video, Posted Wed, 09.04.13
At this year’s CrossFit Games, Alessandra Pichelli never finished an event outside the top 20. “I want to prove to myself that my body’s capable of great things,” she said before the Games began....
Video, Posted Thu, 08.29.13
When you leave Montana, the world seems two-dimensional again. The rise of CrossFit worldwide still seems a surprise to many on the fringe, but the answer to all of it was on display in Big...
Article, Posted Wed, 08.21.13
Top athletes throw down at the 2013 CrossFit Tour in Big Sky, Mont. In event two of the weekend, Elisabeth Akinwale, Michelle Kinney, Miranda Oldroyd and Alessandra Pichelli completed 5 rounds for...
Video, Posted Sat, 08.17.13
Ben Hollingshaus catches up with NorCal Region athletes Jason Khalipa and Alessandra Pichelli at the CrossFit Games.
Video, Posted Sat, 07.27.13
Only sissies use their legs on rope climbs. “Don’t use your legs. That’s the sissy way.” Rich Froning Sr. said that when his son was little, and it was a piece of...
Article, Posted Fri, 07.26.13
Athletes load into almost 100 C2s for two scoring opportunities. You could hear a text come in on a phone across the Velodrome before almost 100 Concept2 rowers started...
Article, Posted Wed, 07.24.13
Individual athletes hit the pool for swimming and bar muscle-ups.   In 2011, Individual athletes opened the CrossFit Games by running into the surf at the Santa Monica Pier, marking...
Article, Posted Wed, 07.24.13