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Athlete: J F Wodfather

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Central East
CrossFit Distinction
170 lb


Filthy 5019:45
Fight Gone Bad258
Sprint 400m1:19
Run 5k24:45
Clean & Jerk205 lb
Snatch160 lb
Deadlift340 lb
Back Squat285 lb
Max Pull-ups30


I am a Banker, Musician, Daddy, Blogger, Hunter, Fisherman, Part time Crossfitter and Full time idiot. All of these things tend to make me cry from time to time and a few of them suck all of my money from the first one. Our box makes us do the Open WODs anyway so I figured I'd see how I stacked up against all the old guys. you can read more about my foolishness at


How I Eat

I eat a lot and I vary my diet up occasionally. Right now I basically eat "Paleo-esque". That basically means that I eat lots of meats, veggies, nuts & seeds. It also means that if I call it "Paleo" it must be right just like that Paleo Chocolate Cake I had last night. It was Paleorific….I also have almost no dairy except on cheat days when I basically gorge myself on Mitchell's ice cream. For those of you not from Cleveland, it's basically heaven in a cup. I also would probably slap your mother for pizza given the chance. Beer is my friend.

How I Train

I train at CF Distinction in Beachwood Ohio under the brutal hand of Travis Page. His coaching technique involves yelling "WTF JFW?!?" and rolling his eyes a lot. It's very effective. I do strength training and Metcons 5 days a week. I also incorporate endurance training and yoga into my routine. The endurance training helps me get away from jealous boyfriends and the yoga helps me be flexible enough that someday I may not need to hit on their girlfriends…. My favorite CrossFit movements are quadruple-unders and flaming wall balls. For mobility I like to shove a lacrosse ball up my backside…

My Athletic Background

I am very sarcastic so my previous athletic background has been running away from getting beaten up. I also played a lot of pocket pool in high school. I probably could've gone pro if it weren't for that freak injury involving the sock, jelly, and the JC Penny catalog.

My Experience With CrossFit

My experience with CrossFit has been mostly pain and soreness. It has however allowed me to start wearing sleeveless tanks in the summer that say "Suns out Guns out" and to ask people if they want "two tickets to the gun show" as I flex in front of them.

My Work/Rest Schedule

My rest days are usually "active" (short run, yoga, etc…). I don't usually take full rest days but when I do I Rx the sh*t out of it…

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Since 2011. I went from being a 185# weakling to a 170# knee sock & Lululemon wearing D-Bag. I'm hoping to do CrossFit for a few more years and then switch to something easier like bomb disposal or swimming across the Atlantic Ocean.