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Event 2 is a minefield. As they walked to their bars, the women were mindful of the fact that Shana Alverson and Andrea Ager both lost their opportunity to compete at the CrossFit Games after...
Article, Posted Fri, 05.24.13
The second-ranked team in NorCal from the Rocklin CrossFit affiliate is gearing up for the Games. They are focusing on strategy as they prepare for the unknown.
Video, Posted Thu, 07.05.12
Find out who's competing at the 2012 Northern California Regional. The North Central, Northern California and Australia Regions will take on the brutal 2012 Regional workouts May 18-20 for...
Article, Posted Thu, 05.03.12
Week 4 of the CrossFit Games Regionals kick off May 18th in the North Central, Northern California and Australia Regions.
Video, Posted Wed, 05.02.12
NorCal's most well known athletes will compete at the Regional May 18-20. With the close of the 2012 Open, the NorCal Leaderboards have proven the expected – this is a fierce region with...
Article, Posted Fri, 03.30.12
Valerie Calhoun is in 8th place in NorCal and 79th worldwide. This 17 year old started CrossFitting at 14 after leaving her sport of gymnastics. An impressive athlete, Calhoun is a part of the...
Video, Posted Wed, 03.28.12
The 18 minutes with box jumps, push presses, and toes-to-bar tested the physical and mental fortitude of the NorCal athletes. “Three movements with a given time. Do work, don’t stop.” The...
Article, Posted Mon, 03.12.12