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Athlete: omi orama

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135 lb


Filthy 50--
Fight Gone Bad--
Sprint 400m--
Run 5k--
Clean & Jerk115 lb
Snatch78 lb
Deadlift250 lb
Back Squat185 lb
Max Pull-ups--


I am a mother of 3 ( Diego 7, Octavio 6, Elysa 18 months) married to Daniel Orama, who I met in the Marine Corps. I started CrossFit in Harlem with AfroBrutlaity , but continue to learn and hone my craft at CrossFit Maven. I started crossFit to lose weight and deal with the challenges of a baby in the hospital due to prematurity, a son with special needs, a husband in the military, and being a veteran in a civilian world, who truly wants back in the military. CrossFit changed my life has helped me lose 40lbs and has gotten me back into the shape I was when I was a Marine. I look to become a trainer and my biggest goal is to be able to make the games. I have a long way to go but as Marine Corps and CrossFit has taught me , I will get there if I keep working hard and never give up.


How I Eat

I eat quality foods but don't measure the amount

I just did a paleo challenge and am going to implement alot of it just adding back dairy, cheat meals will be twice a month.

How I Train

I workout mostly at a CrossFit Affiliate

I have a coach who determines my programming

I record my workouts

My Athletic Background

I am a Marine veteran its not a sport but requires alot of physical training

My Experience With CrossFit

I began CrossFit with a coach (e.g. at an affiliate)

I have had a life changing experience due to CrossFit

I started at CrossFit Harlem aka Afro Brutality,with Syn Martinez and Sarah Grey as my coaches. Moved to Michigan and have continued training at crossFit Maven with Coach Bradley Berlin, Coach Justin Berlin, Coach Melanie Elizabeth and our wonderful motivated Maven family. Afro Brutality gave me my passion and foundation for CrossFit. CrossFit Maven has been helping me improve my technique and hone my CrossFit skills. If you want a wonderful CrossFit experience and are close by these boxes I encourage you to try them out , it will be life changing.

My Work/Rest Schedule

I usually only do 1 workout a day

I do multiple workouts in a day 3+ times a week

I typically rest 4 or more days per month

I try to make it 4-5 times a week

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

6-12 months