Week One in Review: Africa

Published on Mon, 2013-03-11 12:20
Jolene Raison

The field is bigger, the competition is tougher and excitement levels are much higher.

This year, the Open kicked off in the Africa Region with more than 250 more women and 500 more men than last year.

The field is bigger, the competition is tougher and excitement levels are much higher.

2013 also sees a growth with Masters athletes with the addition of a Masters 40-44 Division. This year, Africa has around 30 women competing as Masters compared to zero last year. And the number of Masters men is up from five to more than 40.

There has been a huge increase in the amount of CrossFitters in Africa since the 2012 season, and only 48 men and women gain entry to Regionals. The competition is therefore expected to be much stronger this year.

David Levey started the 2013 season where he ended in 2012 — at the top of the Leaderboard. He accumulated 174 reps. Many are picking Levey to be a repeat winner this year, but he has more athletes to ward off.

The next three places all belong to athletes from CrossFit PBM — Daniel Crous (171 reps), Gerhard van der Merwe (170 reps) and Gian Smit (167 reps). The real surprise here is Crous, who finished 42nd overall in the Open in Africa last year.

Danie Du Preez who represented Africa at the Games in 2009 and 2011 placed fifth with 167 reps. However, Du Preez falls under the new 40-44 Master’s division this year.

The women’s Leaderboard is an exciting mix of fresh and familiar faces. The two top places are currently held by the winners of the 2011 and 2012 Regionals respectively. Mona Pretorius scored 190 reps followed closely by Rika Diedericks with 186.

Chasing them are newcomers Mary Jamieson of CrossFit Platinum in third place with 184 and Nicole Seymore with 173. Seymore has been doing CrossFit for less than six months, and is unaffiliated.

Veteran athlete, Carla Nunes da Costa, rounds off the top five women with 171 reps. Da Costa placed ninth at the 2012 Europe Regional, but has moved to Africa and is training at Cape CrossFit.

With so many new athletes and affiliates stepping into the arena this year, the favorites are facing formidable new challengers and the competition is going to be fiercer than ever. It will be interesting to see which athletes opt for team over individual at Regionals.


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