CrossFit Games Prize Purse Grows

Published on Mon, 2014-07-07 10:45

At the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, the top 20 men and 20 women will take home prize money.


Cash prizes at the CrossFit Games are going up. And up. And up.

In the first seven years of the CrossFit Games, athletes were awarded total payouts of approximately US$4,000,000. In the next seven years, total prize money will exceed $16,750,000.

Beginning this season, Reebok will expand the prize purse each year for the next seven years. The total payout in 2014 will grow to $1,750,000. Next year, the prize purse will jump to $2,000,000. After 2015, the payouts will increase by an additional $200,000 each year until it reaches $3,000,000 in 2020.

"The sport has come a long way in the first eight years. The competition and the athletes are evolving, and the increased prize purse reflects the opportunities CrossFit is creating for the fittest athletes. Our partners at Reebok are helping make that happen," said Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games. "The money isn't being given away; it's being earned."

The additional prize money will impact more than just the top couple athletes. Last year paid down to 10th place. At the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, the top 20 men and 20 women will take home prize money. First place will still receive $275,000, while the second- and third-ranked athletes will receive an extra $10,000. For athletes who finish in fourth through 10th places, the payouts will be double from last year.

Speaking about the announcement Chris Froio, Vice President Fitness and Training at Reebok, said: "We're committed to the long term growth of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games. This increased investment is going directly to the athletes who make the sport great."

Like in 2013, there will also be payout of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 for the top finishers in each individual event.

Since the inaugural CrossFit Games in 2007, male and female athletes have always earned equal prize money.

1st - $275,000
2nd - $75,000
3rd - $45,000
4th - $20,000
5th - $18,000
6th - $16,000
7th - $14,000
8th - $12,000
9th - $11,000
10th - $10,000
11th - $9,000
12th - $8,000
13th - $7,000
14th - $6,000
15th - $5,000
16th - $4,000
17th - $3,500
18th - $3,000
19th - $2,500
20th - $2,000

Per Individual Event
1st - $3,000
2nd - $2,000
3rd - $1,000

1st - $40,000
2nd - $20,000
3rd - $10,000

1st - $10,000
2nd - $5,000
3rd - $3,000

Total Payout in 2014