CrossFit 7 Mile Won't Defend Title in 2014

Published on Mon, 2014-03-10 15:30
Laura Watler

"As Team CrossFit 7 Mile, we are disappointed that this year we won't be able to defend our title and compete with all the amazing athletes in the Latin America Region. We wish them all the best of luck," Chris Spigner said.


For the last two years, one box from the Cayman Islands has dominated the team competition in Latin America. 

CrossFit 7 Mile has won all but one regional in their competition history. Their roster has included some of the best individual competitors in the region.
After two almost perfect years of competition, CrossFit 7 Mile will not return to the Latin America Regional to defend their title in 2014.
“As Team CrossFit 7 Mile, we are disappointed that this year we won't be able to defend our title and compete with all the amazing athletes in the Latin America Region. We wish them all the best of luck,” said head coach Chris Spigner.
The decision was spurred by a year of unfortunate injuries. Trina Gillis and Chris Spigner have had shoulder injuries, Jenn Chailler broke her scapula earlier in the year and Martin Van Zyl has had nerve issues in his upper back and hands. 
“We have been bitten by the injury bug all year so that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Spigner said. “We are disappointed not to defend our title, but we have made the decision we feel is best for the group. Maybe a year off and then back at it.”
This year, the alternate team will represent the affiliate. The 7 Milers plan on going all the way even without the help of some of the affiliate’s traditional powerhouse competitors.
“The 7 Milers are still aiming to win the Open, and we are still very competitive towards that,” Spigner said.
So far, The 7 Milers are an amorphous bunch with no definite athletes on their regional roster. All that’s known is that a few competitors will not make the move over to The 7 Milers. 
Chailler, Spigner, Van Zyl, Gillis, Brenton and Amodeo do not intend on competing with The 7 Milers at regionals. McCarthy is considering going team with The 7 Milers or pursuing the individual competition in 2014. There will certainly be several new faces on the team.
Here’s a look at the goals of some of the former CrossFit 7 mile teammates.
Wanda Brenton (Individual)
“It's been a goal of mine for a while, so I decided to give individuals a try this year,” Brenton said. “It's gonna be a tough weekend (at regionals) for sure, but I'm hoping my training will have been prepped and ready for what comes.”
For the last two years, Brenton has been one of the top female competitors in the region in the Open. She took fourth in 2012, and first in 2013. This year, she started strong with a 350-rep performance on 14.1, seventh in Latin America, and a 205-rep performance on 14.2, first in Latin America (unofficial).
Trevor Amodeo (Masters)
“Moving into individual there is no relying on team, so my goals have been to be as well rounded as I can. I have been training in a lot higher volume this year, focusing on Olympic lifting, rowing and anything overhead which are my goats,” Amodeo said.
Amodeo started the Open with a 315-rep performance on 14.1, and a 229-rep performance on 14.2 (unofficial). The 41-year-old athlete is currently ranked 69th in the Masters Men 40-44 Division, and if he keeps it up he will be one of the 200 men worldwide who are invited to compete in the Masters Qualifier in April.
Jenn Chailler (Out)
Chailler has been one of the top women in the region over the last couple years with a sixth-place finish in the 2012 Open in Latin America, and seventh-place finish in the 2013 Open in Latin America, but she still doesn’t feel ready for individual competition.
“As an athlete, I don't feel I'm prepared to go individual. Just haven't prepared mentally or physically for that,” Chailler said. 
At the earliest, expect to see Chailler in the running in 2015. In the meantime, you’ll hear her from the sidelines.
“For now, I'll be cheering loudly for all the athletes especially our one and only Wanda Brenton,” she said.
Schmarrah McCarthy (The 7 Milers or Individual)
Two-time CrossFit Games competitor with Team CrossFit 7 Mile, Schmarrah McCarthy is undecided. She plans on doing the Open workouts only once, and seeing where she and her new team stack up. She will then decide whether to go individual, 7 Milers or continue to train for 2015. Could be any of the three at this point, she said.
The 7 Milers
While The 7 Milers still don’t have a potential roster, it is certain that at least five main people from Team CrossFit 7 Mile will not be a part of it.
What we do know is that the twice reigning team champs are not coming back, and this opens the door for any other team from Latin America to have a decent shot at the single spot for the CrossFit Games.


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