Caroline Fryklund Excels in Europe

Published on Thu, 2013-07-11 01:00
Jane Holgate

“CrossFit is growing so fast over here now and athletes are getting stronger every year ... although I know I am also improving, I didn't expect to qualify this year.”


Sweden’s Caroline Fryklund has proven her fitness again, qualifying for the 2013 CrossFit Games after taking second place at the Europe Regional.

Fryklund took up CrossFit three years ago after a long, successful career as a gymnast, specializing in vault, uneven bars, beam and floor.

“I quit competing in gymnastics in 2004 when I moved to another city to study, and I wasn't able to keep the training at the same level,” Fryklund says. “I also had some trouble with injuries over the past years when my right kneecap dislocated multiple times, so it felt about the right time to quit.”

The 28-year-old continues to train and coach gymnastics and believes it gives her an advantage in CrossFit.

“The skills transfer well to the CrossFit gymnastics movements,” she says. “I also think that the body awareness that I've got from gymnastics and being used to a high training volume is a great benefit, as well.”

Recognizing the increasing pool of female talent in the Europe Region, Fryklund was expecting a tough battle this year.

“CrossFit is growing so fast over here now and athletes are getting stronger every year, as well as new names emerging all the time, and although I know I am also improving, I didn't expect to qualify this year.”

Fryklund’s Regional campaign got off to a great start with her coming second in Event 1.

“Mentally, I was most nervous about Jackie because it was the first (event) of the weekend, and I didn’t consider it to be a workout that would suit me. Physically, the toughest was Event 4, particularly the heavy dumbbell snatches at the end.”

She mostly follows CrossFit Invictus’ programming.

“For one-and-half years, I have been following the CrossFit Invictus Competition program, and from time to time I have had individual programming from CJ,” she says.

She also gets support from the coaches and athletes at CrossFit Kalmar.

Working full time as a physiotherapist, as well as coaching gymnastics, Fryklund is busy. Still, she has increased the volume of her training since Regionals.

“I am doing more training sessions per week than before. The focus is to improve my strength, as well as keeping my cardio where it should be, and also working on different skills and improving my technique.”

Fryklund is excited about competing at the Games for a second time.

“Last year was amazing. I still find it hard to believe that I was a part of the competition and that I was standing there on the competition floor along with all the other great athletes.”

She adds: “The whole event was so well arranged and the CrossFit community brought such a great atmosphere. Last year, everything around the Games was new to me. This year, I can be more confident with myself knowing more about how the whole competition works.”


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