All Must Compete

Published on Thu, 2012-02-02 15:02

This year, all athletes who wish to reach the CrossFit Games must compete in all three stages of competition, including the Open and Regionals. Athletes must compete as individuals at Regionals if they hope to qualify for a spot at the Games.
In the sixth year, the road to the Games will be tougher than ever before. The Open will bring thousands of new competitors, and all of the competitors from last year will have a full year of experience under their belt. At Regionals, the race will be tight to earn those precious few qualifying spots for the big show in L.A. Several regions will be stacked with past Games qualifiers trying to fend off the next wave of challengers. The pressure will be intense and you can guarantee that the excitement will go down to the wire!  
Don't miss out on the action. Look for local gatherings during the Open, and be ready to travel to the Regionals to see the fittest in your area put it all on the line!
Further details about the 2012 CrossFit Games season are available in the Rule Book here.