2007 Games Events




There was no Masters competition at the 2007 CrossFit Games. 


For the Affiliate Cup in 2007, the winner was the affiliate with the lowest combined time of its top four competitors.

No matter how many athletes compete for a particular affiliate, only the combined times for the top two male and top two females will count.


Saturday, June 30th

  • Hopper-Style CrossFit WOD


    Hopper-Style CrossFit WOD

    For time:
    1000 meter Row
    then, 5 rounds:
    25 Pull-ups
    7 Push jerks (135 / 85 lbs)

  • Trail Run


    Trail Run

    Trail run (approximately 5k)

Sunday, July 1st

  • CrossFit Total


    CrossFit Total

    Back squat 1RM
    Press 1RM
    Deadlift 1RM